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The Growth Of Sustainable Fashion Ecosystem In India

While fast fashion has in use the forefront chain and everybody is tirelessly stockpiling on one style after another, there are a few viable fashion hacks seeking to change the game for better

Fashion Ecosystem In India

Circularity and reusing fashion have sought great popularity on the global front in the last five years. But this concept has existed in India for ages now. It has been an age-old tradition for Indians to wear pre-used clothes and hand-me-down clothes from their elder siblings or relatives. A garment bought in a family was usually first used by the intended person, only to be then passed down to whoever it would fit. Once the garment became unfit for wearing it was used as a washcloth or dusting purposes.

With the advent of the concept of ethical fashion, consumers all around the world are gravitating towards sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. They are consciously opting for pre-existing clothes which are in good condition. They no longer make purchase based on what’s trending in the market. They do not hoard their closets, but believe in minimizing the clutter and sticking to the wardrobe essentials.

The last decade saw a different side of the Indian customer. With the burgeoning middle class having bigger spending power than ever before, Indians were more than willing to try out the brands available in the market. Fashion and luxury industry benefited highly in India with the average customer buying about 60 per cent more clothes in 2014 than they did in 2000, but only retaining it for half as long. The surge of fast fashion brands gave people access to a wide variety of clothes at cheaper prices. Indians, because of this, came out of the mindset of being spendthrift.

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