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A Whiff Of Luxury: Scent Of A Woman

Choosing the right scent for a working woman is a tough task, but our tried and tested top picks are sure to trigger your senses

scent perfume

“We will follow you wherever you go and stay in the air behind even after you’ve left the room,” says your signature scent.

Perfume shopping can be a tad overwhelming, and so far, 2020 hasn’t been making it any easier for us. We’ve seen fragrance after fragrance hit the shelves, cute bottles to the classic notes and most all kinds of incredible scents are available in the market.

One thing that is extremely important for the working women out there is to look good, be confident but most importantly smell good to keep them going with positive energy. Fragrance is a powerful invoker of both mood and memory, which makes it an important purchase to get right and a powerful way to switch things. Because of the intense connection fragrance has with our emotions, changing your perfume is an easy way to switch up your mood or channel a different part of your persona.

There are some scents that are universal, like spicy or bold floral and fruity. But when it comes to a fragrance that exudes confidence, that’s in the eyes (nose) of the beholder. We pulled out 5 best fragrances for women on the go that will last long and go with their style.

Wild call

This feminine scent Rose Prick Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford is like getting slapped across the face by a rose in the best possible way. Inspired by Tom Ford’s private rose garden, it’s a sensual and fresh take on the classic note. Prick is a wild bouquet of beautiful rose breeds—Rose de Mai, Turkish, and Bulgarian notes. This sharp and pristine scent, is the poison that’ll spread in the air during your night office parties.

Elegant legacy

Uncover the sweet yet flirty fragrances while at work that can make anyone get wooed away then Perfect Eau de Parfum by Marc Jacobs is the ultimate new scent for fall 2020. The top notes are the unusual rhubarb and daffodil, followed by almond milk, cedar wood, and cashmeran making it creamy and fruity at the same time. It’s warm like a hug but still bright and fun. This fragrance is a symbol of a woman as her most absolute feminine self.

Woody Essence

Like your classic work suit, this White Tea Eau de Toilette, Elizabeth Arden scent is always classy and never goes out of style. The subtle blend of white tea, sage, white iris, is musky, woody yet floral smell is extremely inviting and overpowering. A crisp and vibrant floral fragrance with lingering warmth that takes you to a moment of blissful escape can become your everyday wear to office.

Nostalgic illusion

Want to feel  bright and longetivity is what you are looking for then of all the fragrances, slow dance by Byredo is the one had ourselves reaching for most often – and not just for the Swedish brand’s beautiful minimalist packaging. It’s the perfect blend of classically feminine and masculine notes, both sweet and woody, with patchouli, vanilla and geranium, and stays on the skin all day. It is really long lasting even if you work straight 7 hours in the bright sunny day.

Botanical Elements

If you are looking for something more harmonious and can be a part of your inspirational mood then go with Aerin’s Mediterranean honeysuckle. It feels like summer holiday in a bottle that blends citrus – grapefruit, bergamot and mandarin – with sweet florals like honeysuckle, lily of the valley and gardenia mandarin oil impart lasting freshness. This scent will invoke a sense of effortless style. It’s light and fresh enough for daytime wear.

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